Jenny Minton

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Jenny Minton is a singer, composer, performer and artist.

She is a core vocalist with Living Structures theatre company and Bulgarian folk group Perunika Trio.

Jenny is currently developing Interlude, an interactive sound and light installation for a single audience member and twelve voices, to be premièred this year.

She is also is composing the music for Before, a game in development by Bill Lowe.

In July 2014, Jenny will be performing with Living Structures in Leviathan at Hackney Downs Studios.

Recent collaborations include working with Cally Spooner in her musical And You Were Wonderful, On Stage which premièred at Performa ’13, New York and Tate Britain, London in 2014.

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Interlude is a participatory musical installation which offers audiences a moment to recapture control of their environment, releasing extraordinary vocal sounds with their own physical movements, while empowering them to be part of the composition.

Interlude will be premièred later this year…

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And You Were Wonderful, On Stage | singer and performer
Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam, the KW Institute, Berlin,
Performa ’13 Festival, National Academy, New York City.

Oo La Lume | composer, singer and arranger
A capella trio, performed around the UK.

Leviathan | singer and performer
Matadero, Madrid and Trinity Buoy Wharf, London with Living Structures.

Out of Water | singer and performer
Holkham Beach, created by Caroline Wright and Helen Paris and Jocelyn Pook.

Cart Macabre | singer and performer
The Old Vic Tunnels, London and Centro Niemeyer, Spain with Living Structures.

Darwin Originals: Emma | composer and pianist
Bobby Baker for Channel 4s ’3 Minute Wonder’ series.

Sewing Your Shadow | composer and singer
Lucy Cash at the Museum of Childhood in Bethnal Green, for the Create Festival.

The Sinking of the Laconia | voice-over singer
BBC Television.



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